This article will learn about Connect to SAP using C# using SAP .NET Connector 3.0. This connector is the latest version stable of SAP’s development environment to do communication between the Microsoft .NET platform and SAP systems. This connector library can supports like RFCs and Web services. This can allows developers to type different applications such as Web form, Windows form, or console windows applications in the Microsoft Visual Studio.Net. With this Connector, developer can uses all common programming languages, like as Visual Basic. NET, C#, or Managed C++.

In this guide, I will tell you how to make c# sap connector example.

  1. For the prepare,Download SAP libraries from SAP official and add reference in visual studio project.


  1. Create new class connection function to c# SAP integration, for example ECCDestinationConfig.cs :

  1. Below function is used for the data types, the class name is IRfcTableExtension.

  1. The below function will help to connect to the SAP System, access the RFC function by communication the necessary input and output parameters.

Although Creating, invoking and extracting your data from either a structure or table or object maybe is very easy. The hardest from this section is finding the right function, import the value parameters and which tables or structures contains the proper information. Also This is important to bear in mind the fact that the functions use the same field names as into SAP tables, so I sometimes needed to open the program to see which fields are being retuned. For this and finding the functions, tables, structures, import and export parameters, the BAPI Explorer is an invaluable tool.

I hope this tutorial about connect to sap with C# contains enough information to get you going. If more information is required leave a comment and I will try and help.

Thank you for reading this article about Connect to SAP using C#, I hope this article is useful for you. Visit My Github about .Net Cshap in Here

Connect to SAP using C#
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