The Example will show about Flutter Json Array Parse Of Objects. This article will creating a simple application using http Package. You can read other article with flutter  in this section :

First, we must create a project using Visual Studio Code software with name “parse_json”. Let’s to create a new project using Visual Studio Code:

  1. Invoke View > Command Palette.
  2. Type “flutter”, and select the Flutter: New Project.
  3. Enter a project name, example such as “parse_json”, and press Enter.
  4. Create or select the parent directory for the new project folder.
  5. Wait for project creation progress to complete and the main.dart file to appear.


Next, add the http package to your project. The http package makes it easier to perform network requests, such as fetching data from a JSON endpoint.

in this example, fetch a JSON large document that contains a list of users objects from the JSONPlaceholder REST API, using the http.get() method.

Later, create a Users class that contains data about a photo. Include a fromJson() factory method to make it easy to create a Users starting with a JSON object.

You must create file with name main.dart like below :

We need to create main screen to first launch application with name HomePage.dart as below:

And we need to second screen to show the result with name HomePageDetail.dart as below :

The application can be run to show output below :




For complete source code you can see in Here.

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Flutter Json Array Parse Of Objects

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