You can build apps with Flutter using any software dart editor combined with our command-line tools. Text editor flutter have two popular editor like Android Studio and Visual Studio Code. However, recommended using one of the editors plugins for an even better experience developer. These plugins provide your source code, syntax highlighting, widget editing assists, run app & debug app support, and etc.

Follow the steps to add and use an editor plugin for Android Studio, IntelliJ, or VS Code.

Android Studio

Android Studio have been a complete installation in this STEP, will integrated IDE experience for Flutter. After that you must install flutter plugin and dart plugin to continue build apps. You can following this steps :

    • Launch/Start Android Studio.
    • Select Configure (Configure > Plugins).


    • Select Browse repositories, type the Flutter plugin and click Install.


    • Select Restart Android Studio to complete installation.



Visual Studio Code

    1. Download & install Visual Studio Code software with latest stable version in Here.
    2. Launch Visual Studio Code startup after installation compeleted.
    3. Click View > Command Palette.
    4. Type “install” in command palette, and select Extensions: Install Extensions.
    5. Type “flutter” into the extensions search field, select Flutter in the result list, and click Install. This also installs the required Dart plugin.
    6. Validate setup with run flutter doctor, Click View > Command Palette  and type “doctor”, and select the Flutter: Run Flutter Doctor. Review the output pane for any issues.


Thank you for reading this article about the configure text editor flutter. You can choice which is best editor for flutter. For try example project you can read next article about Flutter Login With Database. Visit My Github about Flutter in Here.

Configure Text Editor Flutter

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