This article learn about How To Use Delegates With Threads in C#,this tutorial explains how to invoke delegate  application with Threading. Here we will discuss step by step to create a console application using the C# programming language. Delegates is a type that represents references to methods with a particular parameter list and return type. When you instantiate a delegate, you can associate its instance with any method with a compatible signature and return type. You can invoke (or call) the method through the delegate instance. You can read more about Delegates in Here.

For that let us immediately practice this tutorial with detail instructions below:

1. Create a new application project. In Visual Studio, on the menu click File> New > Project. For more details, see the following menu on the display.


2. Then will appear the window New Project like the look below and you can select “Console Application“.

3. Edit Program.cs in when project created like below :

You start a thread by supplying a function that represents the method and the thread is to execute in its class constructor. You then call the Start

method to begin execution.

4. Next step, create new class item with name “example.cs” and write code like below :

5. After you write down the program listings, press the F5 key to run the program and if you successfull the result is:



We have explained how to make a program How To Use Delegates With Threads in C#, for those of you who want to download the source code of the program also can. Hopefully this discussion is helpful to you.

You can see How To Use Delegates With Threads in C# from Github project in Here.

Thank you for reading this article about Delegate in thread C#, I hope this article is useful for you. Visit My Github about .Net Csharp in Here

How To Use Delegates With Threads in C#
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